Monthly Archives: May 2013


Day Ten – Fountain of Youth

Actually no. It’s one of the two fountains at Cranbrook Gardens.


Day Nine – Mother and Wife

Thank you for being an amazing wife and bringing Aubie into this world.


Day Eight – The Blue Door

I had a photo of this door once but it was blurry and since then, I always wanted to go back to it to re take that photo. Doors always intrigue me because they are […]


Day Seven – The Canadian and American

I titled this post as such because she lives across the St Clair River and he lives in Richmond, Michigan. They met online and getting married in 2014.


Day Six – Lisa’s Cute Baby

Lisa’s baby. This was an impromptu session. She came by my day job today to visit. She used to work there.


Day Five – Vast Lake On A Cloudy Day

My life revolves around my dear wife, my two-year old, my day job and last but not least, my passion for photography. My project’s theme therefore will be titled, My Life. I could interpret this […]


Day Four – On My Way Home From Work

This photo was taken by the Orchard Lake boat launch. Orchard Lake, Michigan.


Day Three – Glass Wall At Work

Glass wall at work. I am currently reading a book on photography. It was written by a well-known wedding photographer in L.A. According to him, he treats the subjects, background and foreground in terms of […]


Day Two – Simple Inspection

Inspecting her Mickey and Pluto diapers..


Joie & Joe’s Engagement Photo Session at Michigan State University

Joie & Joe  usually like to sleep in on weekends but today, they agreed to go on a road trip with me to Michigan State University.  That’s where Joe  asked Joie to marry him.  They […]