Andrea & Justin’s Backyard Wedding

Andrea & Justin’s Backyard Wedding

June 14, 2014

After driving for more than an hour, I thought I got lost and started contemplating if I needed a new GPS. But the couple who lived at the corner of Knotts Lane and Meisner Road confirmed that I was at the right place. I just had to drive further down to the end of the street. Yep. There it was. The venue. Big white tent, generator humming, and a make shift gun range?

Andrea and her dad greeted me, “It’s nice to finally meet you!”. She just trusted that I would show up on her wedding day after she paid her deposit almost a year ago.

It was starting to get warmer. Nice to finally thaw out from that brutal winter.

I was in for another exciting backyard wedding photography coverage! I like them because they are imperfect yet very intimate. Disorganized but full of emotions. All decor have a meaning to them. Anything exciting can happen. All I had to do was keep my batteries fully charged and camera on all the time.

Now I only need that someone who will keep the bridal party alive and laughing. Oh, found her! The first one to crack a really funny joke. Yep, it was going to be a great afternoon.

Congratulations to Andrea & Justin!


Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.