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Day Sixteen – The Blue Door Again (with Katie and Ahmed)

I was back there yesterday to photograph Katie and Ahmed’s engagement.  The day could not have been any more perfect.  It was breezy, a little bit nippy but the sun warmed us up.


Day Fifteen – Emotional Night

It is what I strive. I look for the emotions of the wedding day. That’s why I love to photograph them each time I am given the opportunity.


Day Fourteen – Mambo Jambo

Aubie lined up these letters that she was given. She thought these formed words. To us is just a bunch of mambo jambo. Looking at these letters makes me feel not unlike a client consulting […]


Day Thirteen – The Carnival is in Town

Every time I peer through the frame of my Canon 5D mark iii, I always test my composition skills. I also experiment with the ‘what-if’ scenarios that goes through my head every so often. In […]


Day Twelve – Dude at the Commerce Township Carnival

I like a wide angle (and almost panoramic) shot of something colorful. This one was it for this afternoon.


Day Eleven – Rainbow Wedding in Black and White

In one word. Happy. But words cannot describe how in love they were.


Day Ten – Fountain of Youth

Actually no. It’s one of the two fountains at Cranbrook Gardens.


Day Nine – Mother and Wife

Thank you for being an amazing wife and bringing Aubie into this world.


Day Eight – The Blue Door

I had a photo of this door once but it was blurry and since then, I always wanted to go back to it to re take that photo. Doors always intrigue me because they are […]


Day Seven – The Canadian and American

I titled this post as such because she lives across the St Clair River and he lives in Richmond, Michigan. They met online and getting married in 2014.