Jennifer + James Engagement

Jennifer happily wrote me her love story to add to her engagement photos.  In her own words:

When Jimmy, my husband-to-be and I first met we were just “friends”.  We grew to become great friends during our years in high school.  He kept me laughing, entertained and always went out of his way for me.   He would tell me about the girls he was crushing on and I would babble to him about my boyfriends.  He was my best guy pal! Little did I know the girl he was really “crushing on” was me.

When we were seniors we both took our big “senior spring break trips”. Trips filled with crazy wild teenagers on a vacation without parents for the first time!  We went to different places for our break. I went to Cancun Mexico and Jimmy to Panama Florida. We weren’t able to communicate the whole week because I was in another country.  I don’t know if  it was the distance or what but I caught myself thinking of Jimmy while I was there, I realized I kind of missed him more than I missed my other “friends”.

When I returned home from break we all met up at a friend’s house to reminisce about our great, crazy times. Near the end of the night Jimmy volunteered to walk me home.  My parents’ house was about 2 miles from where we were. After a long dark walk full of flirty chatter we arrived at my parents’ home.  He walked me to the door, said “goodnight” and went in for the never look back kiss that made us who we are today.

We are very grateful to have found each other and blessed to truly be with our “Best Friend” for the rest of our lives….




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