Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan

Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan was not in my wedding venue – radar until a couple interviewed me to photograph their wedding there.  I have known for a while that this venue hosts bridal shows among other things but never realized that they also cater to wedding receptions.  On the outside, the building is massive with a hotel attached on the east end.

On the inside, the building screams of contemporary and utilitarian.  By contemporary, I mean glass framed by steel jacketed by aluminum allow.  I am describing this venue as utilitarian because except for some paintings dotting every few square feet, it was built for servicing events.  Get them in and get them out fast.

I like contemporary architectures because they make the best backdrop for great compositions.  The interior is rich in geometrical shapes and a photographer could easily utilize the rectangles, triangles and squares for his or her shots.  I specifically like the combination of glass and metal because they can produce the most aesthetically looking photos.


The paintings are not Detroit Institute of Arts caliber but they serve to neutralize the ‘office’ like appearance of the hallway.

The hallways are well-lit with white tiled ceilings.  From experience, white tiled ceiling makes a perfect bounce flash control for better photos.


Brown leather couches are in abundance for cocktail hours (in between ceremony and reception).


Just like a typical wedding hall, the entire floor area of the room is divided by movable partition walls.  They could be removed or installed depending on how many guests you have. The photo below shows how this partition walls look like:


I think this venue is very ideal for wedding receptions with the exception of one flaw.  They have multiple different sized rooms (when all the dividers are installed.) with doors leading to one common area.  Unlike wedding halls, this place could host different sorts of event from weddings to Proctologist conferences on a given day.  I can only imagine the mess this would create if all the rooms were used to hosting different events including weddings.



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