Waldenwoods Banquet Center Wedding of Megan & Casey Sturk

Waldenwoods Banquet Center Wedding of Megan & Casey Sturk

I arrived a hour early to finally meet and get to know more about Megan and Casey before their big day.  They hired me to photograph their wedding without meeting me.  Megan was upstairs putting on her make up and getting ready with her bridesmaids but I couldn’t find Casey anywhere.

So I started photographing Megan as she was getting ready.  I prefer to shoot preparations without flash but I had to exempt today becasue Waldenwoods is all wood and ambient light is a scarcity.  I tried some but most of the shots were with flash.

I finally saw Casey.  He was setting up the projector.  They are planning on presenting a slideshow of their trek that led up to their wedding day.  It was a pretty neat idea.

When he was finished, I walked with him to another building where all the groomsmen were getting ready.  “I am not a fan of posed shots”, he said.  “That’s why we hired you because you like that still too”, he added.

My day just got a whole lot better!

Both Megan and Casey are laid back and welcomed any ideas that I suggested to them.  They are both reserved, shy and quiet.  Their bridal party?  That’s another story to tell some other day.  Just this about this, by the end of my coverage, one of the groomsmean ripped the sleeve of his shirt off.  He also walked around with his tie around his head.  Yes,  they were party animals.

Congrats to you both!!



Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.