“Michelle & I”

It was four days after Christmas. Michelle and I drove to The Bakers of Milford late morning of December 2002. Ours was going to be a simple and intimate snow flaked-themed Brunch wedding.  Rommel, my brother, was to be my best man and Michelle’s childhood friend, Leah was her maid of honor.

I met Michelle at Mcdonald’s few years back.  We both worked part time. She worked the register while I flipped them. The burgers. Not the register.

We only wanted to invite a friend (yes only one) and immediate families.  The list, however, grew to a few co-workers (20), families of children who worked with Michelle (20).  She was a nanny in the past.  Families (30) and past acquaintances (35).  In the scheme of things, it was still small and intimate.

Nobody wanted to work on a Holiday week so we couldn’t get anybody to come out to photograph our Sunday morning Winter wedding.  Wedding photography was not yet in my radar at the time.  Besides, it was physically impossible for me to capture my own wedding.

I drafted my sister-in-law, Rommel’s wife, to do it for us.  Marlyn, my sister-in-law, was unbelievably talented and very creative!  She probably didn’t even realize it.

She captured what she thought would be important to Michelle and I.  I am glad she didn’t pursue wedding photography.

Our wedding day was a short yet memorable one. We were on our way to a bed and breakfast by one in the afternoon.

“Wedding photography accidentally flopped hard on my lap”

Six months into our marriage, we were invited to Eric & Tanya’s wedding in Rockport, Maine.  Eric is Michelle’s brother.

Unlike ours, Eric and Tanya hired a professional photographer for their wedding.  I haven’t really encountered a “pro” photographer before.  We chatted for a bit during the rehearsal and the wedding day itself.  Like me, he was stuck in the back of the crowded perch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean during the ceremony.  In between limited angled shots, we chat about why he loved what he did on a professional level.

This idle chat turned out to be the key that opened the door for me what I love to do today.  Simply put, wedding photography accidentally flopped hard on my lap that day.

Professional Street Photographer

By heart, I am and I love street photography.  By trade, I am a professional street photographer.  I like to capture people as they go about their daily lives.  Preferably in black and white.

Wedding photography is a form of street photography.  I like the part where I can hang back in the background and capture couples as they go about their wedding day.