Monthly Archives: June 2013


Katie & Ahmed’s Backyard Wedding

I love backyard weddings!  They are small, intimate and not so ‘commercialized’.  The decorations are all personalized because they are labors of love. I was all smile when I arrived because for one, the weather […]


Joie & Joe’s Wedding at the Weller’s Carriage House

Joie is an ardent admirer of vintage photos.  When I first met them, she particularly mentioned of a photo in black and white (tinged with antique tone) of a couple diping and kissing in the […]


Anna & Edward’s Wedding at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Church

Anna & Eddie found me through Jack, their Disc Jockey.  After browsing through my website and a good referral from him (the DJ), they gave me the opportunity to  photograph their wedding without meeting me […]


An Hour Portrait Session (er..workout) with Alex (Unedited Set)

Aside from my daughter, I have only photographed a few select babies and toddlers. And there’s a very good reason for it. You can’t tell them what to do. You will not get that dreamy […]


Katie & Ahmed, An Engagement Photo Session at Cranbrook

Katie is really easy going but she has a pretty good idea idea of how her photos should look like.  She is a big fan of pinterest and she graciously shared her favorites with me. […]