Meghan & George’s Engagement @ the Northville Millrace

Meghan & George’s Engagement @ the Northville Millrace

I met up with Meghan & George at the Northville Mill Race for their engagement photo shoot.  Prior to today, I’ve only talked to them with Meghan’s mom via Facetime.  Like most couples, they found me through an organic Google search. A quick “wedding photographer Ann Arbor” phrase and my website, Ramyphotography, comes up.  After a few emails, we set up a time to chat.

It’s not a requirement but meeting with them in person before their wedding day gave me an invaluable insight into how they behave in front of my camera.  I always found it very useful to get to know them as human beings and not names on the dotted lines of the contract.

Meghan and George are textbook examples of opposites attract.  Meghan is a little extroverted while George is more reserved.

However, both were open to photo ideas that were not native to them.

Awkwardness always happens during the first 10 minutes or so.  The first few poses could be compared to finding something in common with a stranger at a party.  I discovered three things that sparked a sustained conversation with them.  Browndog Barlor Restaurant around the corner started serving liquor.  Home renovation.  I am not an expert, but I know a little bit about woodworking. 

Lastly, Meghan and George brought their canine companion with them.  I love dogs so there’s that.

Infectious Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine.  In photography, laughter is invaluable.  It turns static poses into a dynamic photo.  With a little bit of coaxing, Meghan would burst out laughing.  In that moment and with good timing, my trigger finger went to work.

George caught on and started to get in on the fun as well.  What else could one do on a quiet and lazy Saturday afternoon?

The session turned out to be amazing.  I accomplished what I came for.  And that is to got to know them more!

As narrated by yours truly, Ramy, A Wedding photographer Ann Arbor.


Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.