Lisa and Patrick’s Wedding at Belle Isle Conservatory Gardens

Lisa and Patrick’s Wedding at Belle Isle Conservatory Gardens

Touted as one of the most affordable wedding venues in Detroit, the historic Belle Isle Conservatory is an amazing backdrop for Lisa and Patrick’s ceremony.  It is a a reasonably-priced yet elegant place to profess their life time commitment to each other.

I caught up with Lisa and Patrick at the Greektown Hotel.  I arrived a bit early to chat with her about the timing and highlights of her day.  And then like a fly on the wall, I captured their emotions as they got ready.  

And of course, I took advantage of the amazing backdrop of the city skyline.

An hour later, I tagged along with them in an open air trolley to the conservatory.  A few minutes into what was supposed to be a short trip, traffic ground to a halt on E. Jefferson Avenue.  However, like a salmon swimming upstream, the trolley driver skillfully weaved through to our journey in time for a grandiose entrance.

As the procession of the bridal party trickled in, the guests’ chatter died down and ultimately drowned by the music.  Theirs was a typical Summer oppressive humidity without the mercy of any breeze.  No clouds were in sight for miles but the smiles, the oohs and the aahs were abundant.

And then Lisa and her dad finally emerged.  When I swiveled my focus to Patrick, I noticed  a tear trickling down his sun-kissed cheeks.  It was a good day.



Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.