Carol & Shawn’s Love Story

Carol & Shawn’s Love Story

Shawn and I met in high school in 2002. I asked him to go to a local haunted forest organized by the football players and me.  He didn’t show up. When I asked him why, he said that he thought I was just playing around when I asked him to go so the next night, he set up a private haunted house for us to go through.

The students running the house all knew my name and shouted it out as we were going through. It was sweet that he went through so much to make it up to me.

Our official first date was when we went trick or treating. Needless to say, Halloween is an important holiday for us because it signifies the beginning of our relationship.

We have been dating for the past 10 years now. Enduring my mother’s death in 2003, a long distance relationship(he went to Adrian College and I went to Central Michigan University), and then long distance again when he was moved to Traverse City for a year to work for the Department of Natural Resources.

We are each other’s first loves, and last.


Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.