Emily & Jim @ the Sycamore Hills Golf Club

Emily & Jim @ the Sycamore Hills Golf Club

I only met Jim on their wedding day. It was in the waning days of 2019 and most people were already looking forward to the Holidays. And I only spoke with Emily on the phone and did not really get to know her much until today.

Jim seemed too nice to be a policeman but that’s what he did for a living. He served his country before that. His best man, on the other hand, had the stature of authority who could effortlessly slap a bracelet on you if you broke the law. I tried to get him to smile on the photos with Jim but only got something resembling one. Definitely a good cop and bad copy routine. But don’t get me wrong, however. He was very accommodating, nice and polite.

Emily also worked with people. She is one of the brave women of Oakland county’s emergency medical team dedicated to help citizens in dire needs.

Both of them loved to party, it seems. One thing I regret about this day is that I should have went with them to the bar after the wedding. The real reception…


Ramy is a wedding photographer. His style of coverage is documentary.